Our Vision and Our Mission


He Aronga


Our vision as ‘agents of change’ is to provide cutting edge leadership to support empowerment of individuals, families and communities towards transformation through the exchange, compilation and dissemination of Māori and Indigenous knowledge, igniting a new world view and elevated universal collective consciousness.


He Kaupapa Honohono

Our Mission is to create spaces where inspiration ignites innovation and collaboration that produces transformation now and into the future for individuals, organisations and communities.

  • He Hiki i te Mōuri | Inspiration
    ignited by reflection, consideration, engagement with new ideas and concepts.
  • He Rangaranga i te Māuri | Innovation
    to unlock the power potential of customary Māori and Indigenous knowledge, cultures, peoples, landscapes & resources.
  • He Mahitahi | Collaboration
    across diverse cultures, disciplines, values and belief systems to create alternative worldviews towards global social, political and economic transformation.
  • He Whakawhiti Aronga | Transformation
    of individuals and communities towards an elevated universal consciousness leading to an informed, peaceful and empowered global society.