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Tātai Whakapapa

Kō Rāngī Ko Papa
Ka puta ko Rongo
Ko Tāne Māhuta
Ko Tangaroa
Ko Tūmatauenga
Ko Haumiatiketike
Ko Tāwhirimātea
Tokona a Rāngī ki runga ko Papa ki raro
Ka puta te ira tangata ki te whaiao ki te ao mārama
Tihe Mouri Ora!


Kaupapa Rangahau


We facilitate spaces for reflection, engagement with new ideas, dialogue, visual, performative and oral culture to enhance thinking and experiences around key issues of mātauranga Māori with individuals and collectives. We also promote kaupapa Māori research based on Tapu and Tikanga.


Research in this area is aligned to unlocking the innovation potential of Māori and Indigenous knowledge through the connection of collective consciousness, sharing of resources, observation, leadership and dialogue with individuals and communities.


Research requires collaboration from many sectors if it is to have the capacity to bring about change across all cultures, disciplines, values and belief systems that creates social, economic and political transformation at the highest level. We are committed to knowledge transfer that generates sustainable relationships and supports the interconnection and creative cross-disciplinarity of Indigenous knowledge, culture, the arts, western sciences and technology.


We conduct research practices that supports the dreams and aspirations of Māori and Indigenous peoples through the creation of inspiration and innovation spaces leading to the transformation individuals, collectives and communities.